Due to the crisis of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, thousands of Africans have been quarantined in a lock-down in Wuhan, China. Many are students, business people and families, who have been locked down without proper food, medicine and supplies.

Collins Nnabugwu, the State of the African Diaspora Roving Ambassador for Nigeria, has been responding by tirelessly lobbying for assistance and support on their behalf.

Over the past few days, Ambassador Collins has brought worldwide political and social attention to the crisis and he has obtained the attention of the African Union who then convened an emergency meeting during the ongoing AU Summit. The State of the African Diaspora have further contacted the leaders of the Buhari APC Political party to lend their support and to intervene in this crises – one leader has stated:

“I am very grateful for the concern, I was talking to some APC leaders in the UK about this and I will not stop until we find a solution”

The Prime Minister, Louis-Georges Tin of the State of the African Diaspora has stated:
“Further, under the 6th Region of Africa, the State of the African Diaspora will be setting up a Humanitarian Crisis Respond Fund so that immediate and unfettered financial responses can be initiated immediately in crises such as these”

As at the time of this publication, donations of food, medical supplies and other resources have been dispatched to Wuhan, China. The State of the African Diaspora Government reiterates its commitment to the Coronavirus response and is deeply concerned for the well-being of the 5000+ African students, business people and civilians.

Louis-Georges Tin commends Ambassador Collins for his exhaustive efforts and being swift to answer the clarion call in bringing this crisis to the forefront. Donations are still ongoing.