Patch tells us that Coronavirus Vaccine Expands To NY Elderly, Teachers

New Yorkers in category 1b — a group covering people 75 and up and many frontline workers — can start to reserve doses Monday.

NEW YORK — A wider swath of New York residents most at risk from the coronavirus can start getting COVID-19 vaccine doses starting Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

Cuomo on Friday announced that vaccine eligibility will be expanded to New Yorkers in category 1b — a group of 1.5 million city dwellers that includes people 75 and up, teachers, police, firefighters and public transit workers.

All those people can start making reservations Monday for doses soon to be available at a newly-expanded range of distribution sites. But there’s a catch — doses will only go out depending on the slow drip of vaccines available, meaning people in line could wait as long as April 16 to get shots, Cuomo said.

Coronavirus Vaccine

And health care workers in category 1a — the first group to get vaccines — will still have priority over their 1b counterparts, Cuomo said.

“On Monday, it opens for 1a, 1b to the extent you can make a reservation,” he said. “If somebody says you can come in on Monday and get it, fine. To the extent a hospital says, I have vaccine available on Monday, fine. The hospitals still have to prioritize the health care workers, and they have a long way to go, but if they have extra capacity and they can do 1b on Monday, fine.