10-12-2021 – MEDICAL LATEX- SIZE SMALL OTG in LA @$3.75 a box

We have size small medical latex OTG in LA.

Below are specs. Each box is 50 count and there is 16,940 boxes of size small / 50 count  OTG in LA @$3.75 a box(so per 100 count a total of 8,470 boxes). Just PO, inspect, pay, carry(and need to add comms).

SkyMed Latex Exam Gloves 8.5-mil, Cream

  • FDA 510(K) Number:  K152479
  • Finger Thickness: 8.5-mil
  • Examination
  • USDA FDA Compliance
  • Single Use Only
  • 50 gloves/box
  • Made in Thailand