About us

We are a network of individuals who have come together to accomplish a mission. Keeping our loved ones safe and healthy.

SAPHE is a company that believes a strong ecosystem within a business is needed now more than ever. SAPHE consists of products that promote Health, Cleanliness, and Services that will keep you and your friends SAPHE no matter what the situations we are facing in the outside world.
We invite you to explore our supplement world in the safest manner. All our products are GMP certified and made to the highest standards. Since 2002, our manufacturing partners have been international leaders in private label, contract manufacturing and fulfillment for health and beauty products around the globe. Our company has locations in America and Europe. We continually strive to maintain our reputation for the formulation and delivery of superior products, solutions and services where quality and reliability matter the most. SAPHE Life has partnered with an industry leader specializing in health and beauty products since 2002. We are certified cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and an OTC (Over-the-Counter) licensed manufacturer for nutritional, cosmetic, health and beauty industries.
We formulate and manufacture leading national and international brands that are available throughout major retailers, high end department stores, direct response companies worldwide, as well as health care professional offices and fitness centers.
SAPHE is committed to Total Quality Management and therefore is continuously making improvements that are essential for companies and brands to meet consumer expectations. Our state of the art Research and Development and testing laboratory guarantee that the highest quality ingredients are utilized each and every time the product is produced.
Our SAPHE Partner formulates and manufacturer over 1000 formulas for capsules, tablets, powdered drinks, liquid extracts, lotions and creams. The company occupies over 250,000 square feet in America and Europe. SAPHE Life Fulfillment manufactures all its products and manages our international fulfillment centers to insure timely and accurate shipping

Our SAPHE services licensing program is opening up to the USA and Internationally as we keep the workplaces around the planet safe and operating in a virus and bacteria-free environment. Our product is ready to use and EPA certified in all 50 states.