Family health is one of the main concern in your life. The Equate brand is now an innovation leader in the health, beauty, and personal care markets and has exceeded many domestic brands’ quality standards.

With the new coronavirus pandemic, Equate hand sanitizer is essential to prevent the virus’s spread when hands cannot be washed. Hand sanitizer has always been a suitable way to clean your hands anytime, anywhere, but the continued spread of COVID-19 has dramatically increased the demand.

Equate Hand Sanitizer

This Equate hand sanitizer can fight bacteria and germs. It contains the active ingredient ethanol and is rich in aloe Vera leaf juice and vitamin E for conditioning. The ratio of alcohol in this hand sanitizer is 62%. After careful use, this moisturizing hand sanitizer can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and keep your hands clean and smooth.

Bottle options

It comes in various bottle options, which are explained below:

60-fluid ounce bottle

60-fluid ounce large bottle is perfect for busy houses, classrooms, or offices, to protect everyone during flu season. Guard your health when you are on the go with Equate Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. Its price is around $7.46.

30 to 34 fluid ounces’ bottle

The bottle contains 30 to 34 ounces of sanitizer, ideal for home, classroom, or office use. Buy Equate hand sanitizer with vitamin E to keep bacteria away. Its price is about $5.24.

1.69 fluid ounces’ bottle

This bottle contains 1.69 fluid ounces of sanitizer is perfect for keeping hand sanitizer in your pocket during traveling.

Where to buy Equate Hand Sanitizer

Before you buy Equate Hand Sanitizer online or at the store, we have also listed the top online websites to find hand sanitizer.

The top 4 places to buy hand sanitizer online are named below:

Amazon — great for buying in bulk.

Walmart — has a good variety of well-known name brands but has major stocks of Equate hand sanitizer.

India Mart — might not be the first place you would search, but it has Equate hand sanitizer in stock.

Biz Brio — offers spray hand sanitizer in many scents and equate hand sanitizers as well.

Why SAPHE Life Hand Sanitizer is better

How to distinguish unhealthy hand sanitizers? The most valuable thing is, “Go to a reliable brand and trust it, secondly, by knowing the level of ethanol and isopropanol. Methanol can dehydrate the skin, dry it out and cause dermatitis in the affected area. The main problem with methanol is that it can be absorbed by the skin and cause toxic chemical levels. Reliable sources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend at least 60% ethanol and 70% isopropanol.

SAPHE includes products that promote cleanliness, health, and service. Regardless of what you encounter in the external environment, SAPHE will keep you and your friends safe. SAPHE hand sanitizer has proven to be safe to use, and in fact, the company has never complained of skin irritation or other problems. The sanitizer is manufactured according to the FDA’s recommendations regarding ingredients and their quantity.