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About Bulk Hand Sanitizer

Keep Business Going with Hand Sanitizer. We offer different sizes of Hand Sanitizer from a 2 ounce bottle and spray cap to a 1 gallon 128 ounce jug with pump spray. Our Hand Sanitizer is made with 80% Ethanol Alcohol for liquid unscented. Our scented Hand Sanitizer is made with essentials oils to capture the unique scent that we have infused with our hand sanitizer products.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer uses

Hand Sanitizer is mainly used to wash your hands when warm water and soap are not available. You can also use hand sanitizer as an added layer of protection with soap and water.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer Types

Hand Sanitizer comes in unscented, scented, liquid and gel forms. Our Hand Sanitizer is made with 80% Ethanol Alcohol. Unscented hand sanitizer smells mainly like alcohol. I personally like it the smell because it makes me feel clean. The smell of hand sanitizer can effect how one things about the product and have safe or un safe they feel. Scented hand sanitizer uses  essentials oils to capture the unique scent. We mix in essentials oils such as lavender into a 275 gallon tote and mix it to get the right scent. Gel Hand Sanitizer uses a chemical called carbomer in the mix to produce a Ge like experience.

Bulk Orders / Wholesale / Pallet / Case

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