For companies in air travel veterinary, pharmaceutical, or electronic cigarettes industries that use large amounts of this chemical, buying large quantities of propylene glycol is the right choice. It can be used as a solvent or antifreeze, making bulk purchases an excellent way to save money. If your business can benefit from buying bulk propylene glycol, you need to find a reliable wholesale supplier.

Propylene glycol is a synthetic additive for foods and belongs to the same chemical group as alcohol. It is a colourless, tasteless, slightly syrupy liquid, denser than water. There is hardly any taste in this chemical. Also, it can dissolve some substances better than water and can hold water well. It makes it very suitable for use as a food additive and is found in many processed foods and beverages.

Other names include:

  • Trimethyl glycol
  • 1,2-propanediol
  • Methyl ethyl glycol
  • 1,2-dihydroxy propane

Propylene glycol is seldom confused with ethylene glycol because it has a low melting point and is used as an antifreeze​​. However, these are not the same substance. Ethylene glycol is extremely toxic to the human body and cannot be used in food.

Handling and storage equipment

All surfaces of equipment in contact with propylene glycol should be made of easy to clean materials and will not affect their quality. It is recommended to use coated carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, or opaque plastic. It is recommended to keep the product away from air and humidity.

Maintenance work should be carried out according to instructions, including preventive measures to minimise product contamination risk. It is necessary to record the main maintenance and cleaning operations of the equipment. The clean environment should be free of odours, dust, insects, and foreign objects (such as toxic compounds).

Who can benefit from various propylene glycol products?

Propylene glycol is the preferred glycol for manufacturing high-performance unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) used in many heat-curable composite applications. Industrial grade propylene glycol (PGI) is ideal for these applications. Dipropylene glycol can be used for applications that require softer or hydrolysable resins. Following are some uses:

  • Special Effects: Used to create fog and smoke effects in theatrical settings.
  • Airline’s- propylene glycol can be used for defrosting aircraft.
  • Cosmetics: Propylene glycol is often added to cosmetics to avoid it from melting or freezing when exposed to severe temperatures.
  • Foods: Used as an additive in flavoured foods, packaged foods such as ice cream and bread, to retain moisture.
  • Pharmaceutical and Veterinary: Propylene glycol is commonly used as an additive in many medicines.
  • Antifreeze-propylene glycol is the main component of antifreeze for automobiles.

Products available

  • Custom blends and dilutions
  • Propylene glycol industrial grade
  • Propylene glycol USP grade

Sizes available

  • Cases
  • Bulk rail car
  • Pails
  • Bulk tank truck
  • Drums
  • Totes (IBC)

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