Buy Hydrogen peroxide Wholesale

The wholesale market promotes competition by creating transparent and relatively low-cost pricing conditions and improving the way all parties obtain market information, thereby increasing the efficiency of chemical distribution. Buying large quantities of hydrogen peroxide is the right choice for many industries.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a peroxide and oxidant with antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial activity. For rinsing, gargling, or topical application, hydrogen peroxide exerts its oxidative activity and produces free radicals that cause oxidative damage to membrane proteins and lipids. It can inactivate and destroy the pathogen and prevent the spread of infection.

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless at room temperature with a bitter taste. A small amount of gaseous hydrogen peroxide is naturally generated in the air. Hydrogen peroxide is unstable and will quickly decompose into oxygen and water after releasing heat. Although it is non-flammable, it is a powerful oxidizer that will burn naturally when it comes in contact with organic substances.

Hazards related to hydrogen peroxide

In a laboratory or industrial environment, high hydrogen peroxide concentrations can pose severe health and safety risks. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidant (medium oxidant at low concentrations), corrode the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. The chemical can induce skin burns and eye tissue damage.

Be cautious to avoid contact with the hydrogen peroxide mist. It is generally believed that household concentrations of this chemical are safe to use but should not be swallowed. Because of these potential risks, care should be taken when handling hydrogen peroxide.

Handling and storage

When handling medium to high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in the workplace, make sure you can use an eyewash and safety shower and use goggles, gloves, and a certified respiratory system.

Keep hydrogen peroxide away from fire, heat and moisture and store in a closed container. Keep away from inappropriate materials such as organic materials, acids, alkalis, metals, and oxidants. Chemicals must be disposed of by federal and local environmental control regulations.

Uses of Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an ideal choice for industrial use, widely used in pulp and paper, mining, textile and environmental applications. It is a natural disinfectant commonly found in ordinary household medicine racks and is used to clean wounds to prevent infection.

Food industry

Hydrogen peroxide is used to clean food contact packaging and equipment. For example, hydrogen peroxide is used to clean equipment in the dairy industry.


Wastewater treatment

With the strengthening of environmental policies related to wastewater discharge, municipalities need to find new ways to treat and reuse wastewater. Many municipalities are also facing public complaints about the strong smell of wastewater treatment plants. Hydrogen peroxide is a clean oxidant, suitable for desulfurization and deodorization of wastewater.

Some other industries that use it include:

  • Rubber
  • Pharma
  • Polymers
  • Cosmetics
  • Lubricants
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas


  • Diluted concentrations from 1% – 50%.
  • Food Grade: 3%, 32%, 34%, 35% and 50%
  • Standard Grade, (technical quality): 3%, 20%, 30%, 31%, 34%, 35%, and 50%
  • Diluted concentrations : 1% – 50%
  • Packaging
  • Bulk Tank Truck
  • IBC’s (Totes)
  • 55 gal. drum
  • 30-gallon drum
  • 15-gallon deldrum
  • 5-gallon carboy

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